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We provide high quality, affordable, comprehensive eye care services to those who need it most.

The major purpose of Watborg Eye Services (WES) is to create models and provide comprehensive, quality and sustainable eye care that can be replicated throughout Sub Saharan Africa. WES is committed to working in partnership with the government to complete this task. It is understood that it is only in this way that the above objectives will be achieved. WES, through its association with Operation Eyesight Universal and Himalayan Cataract Project is committed to the goals of Vision 2020 and the Vision, Mission and Values set out below


Kesewokan Junction Winneba Road
Awutu Bereku
Awutu Senya West District
GhanaPostGPS Code: CW-0019-1944
Central Region

Clinic Numbers — +(233)546-396680 / +(233)557-922594

Email: info@watborg.net
web: https://www.watborg.net


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